Since opening, our mission has been to provide honest and exceptional service to our clients. We do our utmost to instill values in our employees and lead by example. For us, nothing is more important than integrity and a good work ethic.

Pierce Pro Cleaning started in May 2015.   Formerly KirkPro Cleaning established in 2008.  We are a family owned, local business serving our neighbors.  We serve over 20 different businesses across Calhoun County and surrounding areas and have over 20 locally hired people employed by us.  Pierce Pro has always relied on serving our customers with integrity, value, professionalism and respect which has served us well.  We value every customer, and have some of the best people around working for us.  That is why we want your business too.  Expect great communication, caring for your needs, fast response to any issues or needs and value for your money.

  PiercePro Cleaning is licensed, bonded and insured.

Clean With Quality, Service, Value & Integrity